Entrepreneurship at RAAMAC lab is one of the top priorities to help talented members of the lab to translate promising ideas from compelling prototypes towards real-world products (R2P); i.e., translating research ideas into impact on the AEC/FM industry. Over the short life of the RAAMAC, such translation has occurred when venture capital and equity sponsors absorbed promising concepts and hired members of the RAAMAC team as co-developers, or chief technology officers. The goal here at the RAAMAC lab is to aid this process, while at the same time ensuring that the intellectual freedom and scientific research agenda at the lab are not sacrificed. Each technology when is properly validated through scientific methods is disclosed with the university and goes through a rigorous due-dilligence process.

This so far has turned into 3 pending patents and 12 provisional patents. Through this process, the goal is to generate thoughtful and practical projects that will engage sponsors at a much more useful level, thus increasing both effectiveness of the RAAMAC lab research/educational program and the impact of its research on the current practices in the AEC/FM industry. So far two of the research prototypes from the RAAMAC lab - D4AR and HD4AR have graduated from the lab and successfully turned into two startup companies.

The most recent startup, CloudPoint Labs -- is a $1.5 million dollar company - initially backed by Venture Capital Funding - which has turned the HD4AR research prototype -- which is developed under sponsorship of National Science Foundation -- into a number of marker-less mobile augmented reality systems such as MARS SUPERINTENDENT and MARS LANDING. CloudPoint is actively engaged on two pilot studies with Turner Construction and Zachry Construction in NYC, NY and San Antonio, TX.

For more information on CloudPoint Labs., please visit http://www.cloudpoint.io