The integration of research and education is one of the core missions of the RAAMAC lab. An effective integration of our research outcomes and educational activities at all levels from K-12 to professional education inculcates learning with the excitement of innovation and helps to promote the findings and outcome of our research activities to be quickly and effectively communicated in a broader context and to a larger audience. Our group is actively engaged in the following activities:

  • Integrate research activities into the teaching of math, science, and engineering at all educational levels (K-12, undergraduate science and engineering majors, and graduate students)
  • Integrate research into the teaching of professionals in Architecture/Engineering/Construction domain
  • Involve graduate and post-doctoral researchers in undergraduate teaching activities
  • Develop, adopt, and disseminate our findings through pedagogic approaches to engineering teaching


The recent conducted workshops are below:


The Transportation Construction Management Institute (TCMI) is aimed towards providing a management development program tailored to the needs of transportation construction professionals. Particular focus is to help them meet the demands of Commonwealth of Virginia's new initiatives in transportation construction. Development and presence of TMCI program as a joint venture between the Department of Transportation and the Road and Transportation Builders' Association improves communication and develops a sense of joint commitment within the industry as a whole.


The target population for CEED C-Tech2 - Computers and Technology outreach program was rising junior and senior high school girls to help develop the interests of women in engineering and the sciences. Our involvement in the program allowed students to explore applications of our research outcomes in a way which was fun and exciting. Student spent the majority of their time involved in hands-on activities related to 3D reconstruction to increase their interest in the applications of technology to real-world construction industry.


NASA Interdisciplinary National Science Project Incorporating Research and Education Experience is a multi-tier program designed for students in 9th to 12th grade who are interested in STEM education and careers. Students are chaperoned by RAAMAC group members and other CEED participants to improve study skills and encourage the pursuit of higher education and careers in STEM areas. Raamac group actively participated in this summer program to introduce the outcomes of our research efforts to the best and brightest students of our nation.



Imagination was a day camp for which the main objective was to expose middle school students to the state-of-the-art research in application of technology for construction and facility management. This camp exposed students to the research through hands-on and fun activities that stimulate their interest in our field. The imagination program welcomes all students, but specifically targets students that are underrepresented in science and technology.