Since 2010, we have been uncovering the fundamentals of visual sensing and analytics to create methods that facilitate monitoring and control of projects during construction and operation. Our work has already led into a number of applications that provide situational awareness and improve information flow for AEC/FM practitioners.

Our Mission

The Real-time And Automated Monitoring and Control (RAAMAC) group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is committed to providing innovative research, high quality education, and technological solutions that can benefit the Architecture/ Engineering/ Construction and Facility Management (AEC/FM) industry. Specifically, RAAMAC objectives include:
  • Research - to create, develop and test innovative ways to sense, model, analyze, visualize, and evaluate construction performance metrics using image and video collections as well as building information models; 

  • Education - to increase awareness of the value of D4AR - 4 dimensional augmented reality - models and other cyber-physical systems that jointly represent expected and actual performance models for practitioners and University of Illinois students.

In support of this mission, RAAMAC works with industry collaborators to:
  • Conduct cutting-edge research in visual sensing, semantic analysis, and integrated visualization of construction performance metrics to support monitoring and control of products and processes across the pre-construction, construction and operation lifecycle of the AEC/FM projects; and

  • Develop and deliver educational and training content to both University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign's students as well as industry practitioners concerning the value of the D4AR models; and work with our industry collaborators to refine research directions and transfer research results to products for the benefit of the industry.