A construction project requires a large amount of cyber-information, such as 3D models. Unfortunately, this information is typically difficult for construction field personnel to access and use on-site, due to the highly mobile nature of the job, as well as a hazardous work environment. Field personnel rely on carrying around large stacks of construction drawings, diagrams, and specifications, or traveling to a trailer to look up information electronically. We present Hybrid 4-Dimensional Augmented Reality (HD4AR), a mobile augmented reality system for construction projects that provides high-precision visualization of semantically-rich 3D cyber-information over real-world imagery. HD4AR allows construction field personnel to use mobile devices, such as a smart phone or tablet, to take pictures that include a specific construction element, see BIM elements visually overlaid on top of the real-world imagery, touch or click on a BIM element in the image, and be presented with a detailed list of cyber-information, such as plan information (e.g., budget, specifications, architectural/structural details) or actual information (e.g., cost, safety provisions, physical progress) related to the physical element.


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